f4d7457c00229491da0c2e0e41146d51I had a special and quiet moment today and read the story of Noah in the Bible and a small article about the flood and the promise God made after that.

I myself just experienced a week that felt like a flood, with deep sadness and so many questions in my head, like: “What’s the Lord telling me with this?”. I may not know the answer to that for a while, but I have truly seen how His merciful love, guidance and help has embrace me.

Just like the next article you’ll read, I’ve been finding rainbows around me… so many moments where I’ve seen how God’s love is bigger and deeper.

I would like to quote the beautiful words of Erin Davis for SheReadsTruth:

“I can’t trust my memory to tell the truth about who God is. My emotions and experiences don’t always get it right either. Scripture is the only cure for my spiritual amnesia. It’s loaded with reminders that God is good, that I am loved, and that He has shown me great mercy. It reminds me that when I start scanning the heavens looking for lightning bolts trained on my position, I find rainbows instead”. 

Here is the link to the full article:

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