a15f2ba56376781d831c5932e8ca4d7bThere is nothing better than teaching your children the Word of God, and doing so when they are young is even better. It is actually very easy and this is how you can start:

  • Pick a Bible verse or a Psalm and have them repeat after you every day, either once a day or twice. With time, they will be able to repeat faster, to know the meaning of the words and to remember.
  • Choose short Bible verses to start (there are  many options – our favorite one is Psalm 4:8 before bedtime)
  • Do not underestimate your little one:  I’m teaching my toddler Psalm 23 and every time we repeat it, not only she enjoys pronouncing perfectly after me, but I get to see how she is able to remember some words… their brain capacity is amazing!.
  • Print the Bible verses or write them down and hang them somewhere so your little one can see it every day.
  • Go at his/her own pace… walk with them, with love, in prayer… enjoy each day and praise God for the blessing of being a mom :).


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