We need our phones, don’t we? But hey, we can get totally addicted to it without even thinking so here’s a small list of ways to break the addiction:


  1. To start, try and check your cellphone once every hour.
  2. When you don’t absolutely have to have your phone by your side, put it somewhere you can’t easily reach it.
  3. Tell yourself “Stop!”. Ever said you’re going to “just check your phone real quick” — and then an hour goes by? (No, you did not discover time travel.) You check email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram… And by the time you’ve done all that, it’s time to check email, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram again. You may call this your “happy place.” Researchers call it a “ludic loop.” It’s what slot machines are designed to produce. > The “ludic loop” is this idea that when you’re engaged in an addictive experience, like playing slot machines, you get into this lulled state of tranquility where you just keep doing the thing over and over again. It just becomes the comfortable state for you. You don’t stop until you’re shaken out of that state by something. < So something happens and you’re shaken out of your dream state. That’s when you go, “It’s been an hour?!?!” So what you want to do is make sure you have that interruption planned ahead of time so you don’t go down the rabbit hole and spend three whole hours hanging with the rabbits.
  4. Replace the habit of using your phone for everything and try and read a book, do something else, clean something, play something… and avoid your phone as much as you can.

Enjoy your life! ♥

Credits: The Week Blog/Magazine



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