fa72011cd5a92c3fd41cd233c3457464Do you like fruits? Check this out!

  • Pears and apples contain air pathways to “breathe”. The pathways are microscopically small structures for oxygen supply and are key elements in determining the fruit’s health. Apples are 25% air, that’s why they can most of the time float in the water, how cool is that?!
  • Bananas act as a natural antiacid in the body.
  • Strawberries can have around 200 seeds in it.
  • A mature dwarf apple tree will generally produce 3 to 6 bushels of fruit. One bushel is equal to 42 pounds. A semi dwarf tree will produce 6 to 10 bushels of apples.
  • Mango is the worlds most favorite fruit… yup, mango madness, y’all!
  • There are seven thousand types of apples in the world.
  • Avocado is the most nutritious fruit in the world.

Enjoy them! ♥


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